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    Shandong province su tsu heavy industry mechanical seal co., LTD. Is integrated iron and steel enterprises and petrochemical industry application of seals of professional manufacturers。The company continuously introducing absorb Europe and the United States、Japan and other foreign advanced production technology and advanced materials screening method,Make all kinds of joint products to achieve standardization、Series。
    The company producedQType rotary joint、HType series rotary joint、KQuick change type series connectors、KBQuick change type joints and stainless steel metal hose,In the manufacturing process continue target tracking international leading technology,Make the product categories each has its own characteristics,Favored by the majority of users,Has been widely used in oil fields、Petrochemical industry、Paper making、Plastics、Rubber、Metallurgy and incorporated business enterprise of iron and steel industry, etc,To improve the work efficiency、Improve the environment、Reduce the loss,Reduce costs play a good performance。
Su tsu heavy industry mechanical seal co., LTD
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