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Shishi city peng feng food co., LTD
Shishi City Pengfeng food Co.Ltd.


Shishi factory:Shishi city, fujian province yongning town port side3Industrial zone

Zhangzhou factory:Zhangzhou in fujian province's overseas Chinese economic development zone qiao xing road  
The phone:0595-88488631   88488400  
Free services hotline:400-6263-999  
Zip code:362700

Peng feng enterprise is founded1992Years,Owns“The world is beautiful”、“The real world”、“Peng feng”Three major brands,The main production、Sales of minced fish products processing。After more than 20 years of development,There are fujian shishi city peng feng food co., LTD、Peng feng(Zhangzhou)Food co., LTD owns two production bases,Company in line with the one hundred brand enterprise as the goal。

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