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Sleep baby skin
The knight series

GermanybreckleThe patent products,With efficient anti mite antibacterial properties,Is allergy crowd,Low resistance,The best choice for infants and young children and pregnant women,Known as the most suitable mattress sleep naked。At the same time combines wrap、Support degree、Air permeability、Therapeutic,Comfort, quality assurance10Years。

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Germany's medical level mattress
Comfort, quality assurance10Years
The GermanicLLQSeries

Adopted“Sandwich layer”Design,The soft and fine,The internal compact,Give strong support,80Kg is a bit overweight people the best option,Turn not demanding,Two kinds of hardness,Meet the needs of different people on the hardness,At the same time,The purity of Germany medical level,Very suitable for pregnant women!

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Such as lying in the cloud Deep sleep

NASA Capsule as lie in the cloud Deep sleep cold foam polymer full oxygen+Memory Foam®(Slow and cotton)The perfect combination,Human bone structure to memory,Accurate scanning skeletal muscle,Set aside for blood vessels“Micro space”,Truly zero pressure vessels,The circulation of the blood;And have strong support and the joint degree,Lay down the moment release pressure completely,Such as lying in the cloud,Let the people are…

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The core”Sleep,Please the body and mind
Promote the metabolism of sleep
The pianist series

3000+Massage the microcirculation of the contact,Massage effect,Relieve fatigue, At the same time promote the blood circulation is smooth、Surface stress concentration,No pressure vessels,Plus the spring strong resilience and inner core support,A sense of security,To enhance the quality of sleep。

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Our success is not only because of the quality of our products,Also depends on the attitude of life and the way。
Unser Erfolghängtnichtnur von der QualitätunsererProdukte ab, sondernauch von der Einstellung und Art und Weise, wiewirmit dem Leben umgehen.

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